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New Build PetAid Hospital Case Study

Project Name: New build PetAid Hospital, North Hylton Road
Location: Sunderland
Client: PDSA
Contract Sum: £1.3 million


The PDSA was first established in Sunderland in 1952 and in 2009 began the construction of its new Centre to cope with increased demand.  The new Centre has two additional Consulting Rooms and additional Operating Theatres so that it can cope with a 50% increase in demand.

A key driver in this latest design is the sustainability of the building.  The building is heated by air source heat pumps mounted externally at ground level.  These units supply heat or cooling through a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system to the air conditioning units in the building and also to two heat pump boilers in the Plant Room.

One boiler supplies heat to the underfloor heating which supplies part of the building and the other heats the hot water.  Solar panels on the South slope of the roof also preheat the hot water to provide a maximum of 15% of the heating requirement.
However, the main heat source for the hot water is the heat pump boiler mentioned earlier.  In addition to this the rainwater from the roof is recycled for use in the toilets and for washing down the external areas.

The immediate cost benefit of this approach is that PDSA estimates the energy demand per patient at Sunderland is a third of that of one of its other modern Centres which merely complies with the Building Regulations.

This project won the RICS NE Renaissance Award for Sustainability in 2011.


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