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Maxwells DIY Superstore Case Study

Project Name: Maxwells DIY Superstore.
Location: Peterlee, County Durham.
Client: Maxwells (Sunderland) Limited.
Contract Sum: £1.29 million


This flagship store for longstanding clients, Maxwells, presented a difficult planning and engineering challenge for the design team.

We were able to maximise both parking provision and building footprint through careful negotiation with planners and neighbouring landowners in order to obtain permission to build a retaining wall to the rear of the proposed building and to resolve concerns over access to the site.

The building is some 1700 square metres in footprint and incorporates offices for the client on a mezzanine floor, as well as extensive retail space.  The building design is smart, robust and low maintenance.

The work was completed on time and under budget.


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