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Hadrian’s Wall Homes

Residents are moving in to new flats built astride Hadrian’s Wall in the Ouseburn Valley.

The 42 one and two bedroom flats for The Tyne Housing Association have been designed by Anthony Keith Architects, who worked with archaeologists to mark the historic significance of the site. They endeavoured to identify the buried remains of the Wall, then incorporated this information in the design of a roof garden on the flats by marking out the line of the Wall in stone slabs.

During the construction the builders, Robertsons, unearthed a trough, subsequently identified as Roman, which is now displayed at the entrance to the flats.

One wing of the L-shaped development in front of Byker Bridge is only three stories high, so that the views of the Grade II listed bridge are not obscured.

Architect Anthony Keith explained, “We realised that this meant the roof would be at the same level as the footpath leading down from the Cumberland Arms. This gave us an exciting opportunity to allow residents to walk on the line of the wall through the roof garden, learn more about its history and enjoy the dramatic views of the valley.”

The flats also echo the Ouseburn’s industrial heritage and are believed to be the first new housing in the heart of the Valley for over 50 years.

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